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"Laughter is the best medicine."

- Jesus

Ok, maybe the good Lord didn't  say it but it's true nonetheless. Laughter heals and humor brings people together! It is in that spirit that we created C.H.U.R.C.H @FreakShow, a monthly comedy "service" that celebrates the wonderfully weird in all of us!

We are a registered 501 (c)(3) religious organization dedicated to the following principles:

  • We believe in doing what we can to help those who need it most; a portion of proceeds from ticket/merch sales and 100% of raffles and donations go to a rotating list of charities with boots on the ground in vulnerable communities. 

  • We believe performers should be paid for their talent, and commit to doing so at every service.

  • We believe that including diverse perspectives creates better shows; our lineups proudly showcase BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ entertainers and allies. 

From the minds of the "Right Reverend" Tuesday Thomas and The "Left Reverend" Julian Michael, C.H.U.R.C.H was borne out of a need for people to gather safely to laugh, drink, and celebrate life at a time when only more "traditionally" religions expressions were allowed. Every body, gender, and culture is welcomed to worship with us! Laughter is our communion (though the Comedy Chateau does have a great wine selection)!

julian at freakshow.jpg

Julian Michael is an incredibly likeable guy who says horrible things about everybody. A self-described "token minority," Julian was on his way to becoming a Baptist minister before he discovered how hilarious and gay he is. Now he brings unfiltered laughter to audiences of all backgrounds, even though he fits in with none of them.


In 2017, Julian taped his live comedy album "Insert Token" to a standing ovation at the Comedy Underground in Seattle. It can be seen on Amazon Prime Video and heard on Sirius XM radio. Julian recently made his big screen debut as a writer and performer in Out on Stage: The Movie, also available on Amazon Prime Video, the only feature-length comedy movie with all queer performers to earn a national release. 


Writer, poet, stereotype buster, recovering a cappella singer, Julian lures audiences in with his laidback style, then takes them on an unexpected but always hilarious journey.

Known as ‘The Punk Rock Cher,’ Tuesday Thomas spent her young adult life  living and traveling throughout the United States, gaining keen insight into the human condition and enabling her to mimic and create characters based on the eclectic people she met.


Suffering from severe anxiety and PTSD, humor has saved Tuesday from many of the perils that affect the majority of people in her condition. As a proud lifelong outsider, Tuesday found her calling and home in knowing that her issues, dating life, two marriages and divorces, and general weirdness brought others laughter and enabled them to bring out their inner freakiness.

Tuesday’s been featured on VH1, MTV, E! and BBC’s "World of Weird." She is also the focus of the Cannes and LA Film Fest award-winning short "Catastrophe Anthem" as well as the star and writer of "Anxiety Performance, or How I Stole My Soul Back from Los Angeles" available on Amazon Prime Video. She is also The voice of Paca the Piranha on HBO MAX’s hit docudrama from Spain, "La Venneno."

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